Immigration quotas

Should legal immigration be increased, decreased or maintained?

Bill Bradley
  Bill Bradley (Democrat)
"Immigration has added to the vitality of the country as well as the strength of our economy. America must always remain a refuge for those fleeing oppression. At the same time, we must be able to control our borders to protect our security as well as to keep our work force stable. I believe the current level of immigration should be maintained."

Al Gore
  Al Gore (Democrat)
"Maintained. I support our current legal immigration system that is based on family reunification and labor shortage needs while at the same time ensuring that American workers are not displaced or otherwise adversely affected; and provides humanitarian protection for refugees."

Gary Bauer
  Gary Bauer (Republican)
"Legal immigration numbers should be reviewed each year based on economic and social conditions in the United States. Legal immigration should also be linked to the skill needs of U.S. industries. I would lower the number temporarily in order to assess the Clinton-Gore administration's neglect in preventing illegal immigration."

George W. Bush
  George W. Bush (Republican)
"America is a nation of immigrants; legal immigration is good for America and for those who come here seeking freedom and opportunity. As Governor of a border state, I know firsthand the great richness and benefits that legal immigrants with different cultures, history and traditions bring to America. I support increasing the number of H-1B visas to help meet America's need for more high-tech workers, and I support expanding the H-2A temporary agricultural workers program so that willing workers can help meet America's labor needs. I oppose illegal immigration. The federal government must improve its enforcement of our borders."

Steve Forbes
  Steve Forbes (Republican)
"We are a nation of immigrants, but our government is doing a terrible job on the immigration issue. As President, I will provide real conservative leadership on this critical issue. I do not support increasing legal immigration, except in the area of H1-B visas for high-tech workers to work side-by-side with American scientists and engineers. The real issue, however, is that the federal government is not protecting our borders and should compensate states as a result. The INS is rife with dismal mismanagement and badly needs drastic reform. We should more rapidly deport illegal immigrants. The Border Patrol needs to be beefed up and provided more manpower and state-of-the-art, high-tech equipment."

Orrin Hatch
  Orrin Hatch (Republican)
"Maintained. As President, I will continue to work with the Border Patrol and the INS to find solutions and ensure that immigration into the United States is under control and legal. We must not allow a person's first entry into our nation to be an illegal act."

Alan Keyes
  Alan Keyes (Republican)
No response.

John McCain
  John McCain (Republican)
"I strongly support ample legal immigration. I do not believe that we, as a nation of immigrants, should shut our doors to those who would contribute to our society and economy. I believe we should have immigration laws and policies that are fair, reasonable, and sustainable and that have the support of the American people. I have strongly supported dramatically expanding visas for qualified high-tech workers who can help America maintain its world leadership in the information technology revolution. As President, I will ensure that the laws governing legal immigration will help ensure that our diversity and openness remain a vital source of national strength and character."

  Pat Buchanan (Reform Party)
"Illegal immigration should be ended without delay. Legal immigration should be reduced to 250,000 newcomers a year, both to assimilate the 30 million who have come here in recent decades, and to ease the downward pressure on the wages of U.S. workers."