Labor issues

Union members make up 14 percent of the work force, down from 20 percent in 1983. The federal minimum wage is $5.15 an hour.

Bill Bradley
  Bill Bradley (Democrat)
Favors $1 increase in minimum wage over two years and then yearly increase indexed to the rise in the nation's median wage. Favors stronger picketing rights, ban on permanent striker replacements and ban on federal contracts to companies that break labor laws. Backed free trade agreements opposed by organized labor. Would consider limiting compulsory overtime work.

Al Gore
  Al Gore (Democrat)
Favors $1 increase in minimum wage over two years. Would give workers option of time off in compensation instead of overtime pay, despite worries by labor that workers might be forced to take time instead of money. Joined in administration's fight for family leave and against attempts to weaken some labor laws. Backed free trade agreements opposed by labor. Opposes forcing unions to get approval from individual members before spending any of their dues on political contributions.

Gary Bauer
  Gary Bauer (Republican)
Undecided on minimum wage. Backed North American free trade deal opposed by organized labor.

George W. Bush
  George W. Bush (Republican)
Favors $1 minimum-wage increase but would let states opt out. Backed free trade opposed by labor. Favors forcing unions to get approval from members before spending any dues on political contributions.

Steve Forbes
  Steve Forbes (Republican)
Backed negotiation of free trade. Against minimum wage increase, for limits on unions' ability to make political contributions from member dues.

Orrin Hatch
  Orrin Hatch (Republican)
Says raising minimum wage cuts jobs for working poor. Opposes banning permanent striker replacements.

Alan Keyes
  Alan Keyes (Republican)
Opposes minimum wage increase and free trade agreements.

John McCain
  John McCain (Republican)
Opposes minimum wage increase. Backed free trade and allowing overtime to be taken in time off. Favors requiring both unions and corporations to get approval from union members and stockholders before making political contributions. Voted against banning permanent striker replacements.

  Pat Buchanan (Reform Party)
Against minimum-wage increase. Opposed trade agreements also opposed by organized labor.