Voters showed conservative bent
Massachusetts has long been cast as a bastion of liberalism. Yet when state residents cast their votes on eight ballot questions, choosing sides on everything from tax cuts to prisoners' rights to universal health care, a distinctly conservative profile emerged.
* Dog-racing measure is defeated
* Voters reject overhaul of health care system
* Results of all eight ballot questions

Gore 60%
Bush 33%
Nader 6%
Mass. presidential results

US Senate
Kennedy 73%
Robinson 13%
Robinson 12%
US Senate results

Question 4:
Tax rollback
Yes 59%
No 41%
All statewide questions
US House
Local ballot questions
State Senate
State House
Gov. Council, county races
Kennedy wins big for seventh term
Rolling up one of the biggest margins of victory in his 38-year career, US Senator Edward M. Kennedy easily won reelection yesterday to a seventh term after the most lackluster Senate campaign in Massachusetts history.
* Moakley, Frank roll to easy reelections
* Hedlund, GOP keep key seats

Mass. Voters Guide

Lengthy ballot tests will of voters
Yesterday's vote in Massachusetts was ''MCAS for adults,'' said Secretary of State William Galvin, with the myriad ballot questions, tiny typeface, and enormous turnout a potential recipe for failure -- or breakdown -- at the polling stations.
* Choices made, deliberately

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