Bush lists guests at mansion

By Associated Press, 3/16/2000

ASHINGTON - Trying to allay a growing controversy, George W. Bush's campaign yesterday released a list of all of his overnight guests at the Governor's Mansion in Texas.

The watchdog Center for Public Integrity released a separate study saying that 60 of the 131 guests had contributed or raised more than $2.2 million for Bush's presidential campaign. Bush has raised a record $73 million for the White House bid.

Bush campaign officials said they had opened the mansion to relatives, longtime friends, and Republican officials, not fund-raisers.

''Governor Bush is honored that people who are lifelong friends, former college roommates, and family members are also enthusiastically supporting his campaign for president,'' said spokesman Karen Hughes.

Bush has been criticized by former presidential rival John McCain. Then Vice President Al Gore, Bush's Democratic presidential rival, began criticizing Bush for the sleepovers.