Keyes fails to file personal financial disclosure form

By Associated Press, 01/31/00

CONCORD, N.H. -- Republican presidential hopeful Alan Keyes is six months overdue in filing a form disclosing his personal finances with the Federal Election Commission, according to FEC records.

Mary Parker Lewis, chief of staff for Keyes' campaign, said Monday she thought the form had been filed.

"If the FEC doesn't have it, we need to find it and get it in," she said. "It may have gotten bogged down someplace chasing Dr. Keyes for a signature."

Lewis said Keyes' campaign operates on a shoestring budget, without help from expensive outside consultants and experts.

"We work very hard in-house here ... to stay rigorously in compliance with all the FEC regulations, which are quite burdensome, quite arcane," she said.

On the forms, candidates disclose their personal wealth and income within broad financial ranges. Federal election law requires them to file the forms within 30 days of becoming a candidate, defined as raising or spending $5,000, or forming a committee to raise and spend money.

Keyes' campaign reported that he had raised $1.9 million by June 30, and the FEC sent him a letter July 21 reminding him of his obligation to file the form, according to FEC records.

The FEC sent a follow-up letter Sept. 8, warning him that failure to file could result in legal action. Keyes did not respond to that letter, either, according to FEC records.

On Oct. 14, the FEC referred Keyes to the Office of Government Ethics, which enforces the law that requires personal financial disclosure. A spokeswoman at the Office of Government Ethics was unable to determine late Monday afternoon whether the agency had recommended legal action.