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This series is based on some of the more than 3 million files the CIA is declassifying as part of a global effort to unlock the last stash of secrets about World War II war crimes.

Vengeance at Dachau

Video clips from 'The Liberation of KZ Dachau'

These video clips are from "The Liberation of KZ Dachau," a 1990 documentary by James Kent Strong on the capture of Dachau April 29, 1945, by troops of the American Seventh Army. They are used with permission. They can be viewed using RealPlayer. If you have a fast Internet connection, click on "Cable/T1"; if your connection is slower, click "Modem/AOL."

'I'll be honest with you: I broke down. I started crying ...'
Lt. William Walsh, on seeing piles of dead bodies outside Dachau
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'We checked the cars very hastily, all 39 of them, and each one was crammed with dead bodies ...'
Lt. Col. Felix Sparks, describing how he gave the order to assault Dachau
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'You soon realize: They're all dead! What the hell is this? ...'
Lt. William Walsh, describing his unit's arrival outside Dachau
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'I said: Christ, I'm in the gas chamber ...'
Hank Mills, on taking a tour of the camp after it was liberated
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'Where the hell were you ... [to] take care of these people?'
Lt. William Walsh, on finding a German wearing Red Cross shields and insignia
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'I seen an American shoot approximately 30 guys with a light machine gun ...'
Hank Mills, witness to the execution of captured Germans
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'The people that we killed died a much easier death than the people they tortured and killed ...'
Lt. Col. Felix Sparks
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'It was wrong what happened there. But you had to have been there to see what we saw ...'
Pvt. John Lee
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'I don't think there was any SS guys who was shot ... that wondered why he was killed ...'
Lt. William Walsh
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